Monday, May 25, 2009

Thoughts a Sustainable Economy Within a Sustainable Environment.

Aaron Braaten blogs as the Grandinite and has a truly wonderful mind. Here is a link to a rich blog post to anyone you can accept that the environment and the economy are an integrated whole - not competing forces. Hat tip to EPSB School Trustee for bring it to my attention.

I think Preston Manning is about to have a much more effective role as a Conservationist than he ever did as a Conservative.

Don Hill is a fellow fan of Edward de Bono and accomplished broadcaster and documentarist and friend for about 30 years.

Mark Anielski is someone I always enjoy spending time with and learning from. I have bought and given away about 100 of his books award winning book The Economics of Happiness - Building Genuine Wealth.

These men are not only food for thought - they are an intellectual and educational movable feast.