Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anonymous Bloggers Beware!

UPDATE: AUGUST 23 - GLOBE AND MAIL STORY says days of anonymous bloggers are limited and cites a successful case against Google forcing them to reveal the identity of a blogger.

(H/T) Debra Ward for the lead.

Here is an interesting UK court case that says Bloggers can't hide behind a cloak of anonymity. The Times newspaper "deduced" the identity of an anonymous blogger who was "very political and critical." Political and critical - in the blogospher? How does that happen ;-)

An anonymous blogger was a detective constable writing under a pseudonym who tried to protect his true identity. The court said "...the public should have the right to receive information about the author so that they could assess the weight and authority to be attached to them."

Yes!!! Lots of reasons to be anonymous but not many of them are good ones, especially for bloggers and commentors.

Blogging is growing up and becoming much more of a mainstream media as well as a social media. Here is an indication of the implications of this shift, as this court said, "...blogging was(is) essentially a public, rather than private, activity. Bloggers often took steps to disguise their authorship, but is was a step too far to say that those people could legitimately expect others to be prohibited at law from deducing their identity."

Makes one wonder if Tiny Perfect Blog will ever be back.