Saturday, August 22, 2009

Links to Posts on Children's Services Series

I have been posting a series on the legal, governance, policy, fiscal and social implications of the recent Alberta Court of Appeal finding of contempt of court against a senior Children's Services bureaucrat. The issues and processes are complex so these posts are relatively long.

I thought it would be helpful for people to follow the series if I put up a one-stop link to all of them in reverse chronological so readers could go back into the history the posts if they wanted more context. I will add new posts and link them here as they get published.

Day 7: Where Do We Go Fron Here?

Day 6: What Led to Mr. Ouellet Being Found in Contempt of Court

Day 5: Did Children's Services Act Within the Rule of Law?

Day4: Foster Mother Wins Appeal & Government Goes to Court

Day3: It Started with an Inept Investigation

Day 2: Accessing & Reviewing the Court of Appeal File

Day 1: A Blog Series on At-Risk Kids in Care in Alberta


Court of Appeal Orders Jail Time for Bureaucrat for Contempt of Court

Minister of Children & Youth Services Reaches Out

Contempt Aside, Where the Child'sBest Interests Served?

Alberta Government Found in Contempt of Court