Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alberta's Politics Needs Transformation, Not Just a Partisan Revolt on the Right

Here is a pretty good story in the Calgary Herald outlining some of the feelings of some conservative leaning citizens in Alberta.  It is focused on rural attitudes but I think those in the cities are feeling much the same way.  Of course there is much more behind this disaffection with those who have political power over us. 

Citizen re-engagement is what Reboot Alberta is all about.  It is about getting past the grumpy, the cynical and the disillusionment with our political culture and governing institutions.  It is about taking back control of our democracy at the personal and community level.  The decline of deference in Canadian politics has been well documented.  That values shift is no emerging into a new sense of assertive citizenship and positive activism.

What is next for our democracy in Alberta and Canada is the emerging question.  That is the the overarching theme of Reboot2.0, the next gathering of progressive thinking Albertans that are coming to Kananskis Feb26-28.  You might want to come to Reboot2.0 if you yearn for some changes in the directions and the decision making in our province.

Check out Reboot Alberta.   If you see some of your concerns and issues being discussed there, join in the conversation on the website and become part of this citizen's movement to rejuvinate democracy, one citizen at a time.

We need more than just a political revolt to change how we are governed.  We need a transformation.