Monday, August 23, 2010

Cultural Creatives Are Showing Up in the Next Alberta

I love creative people with courage to imagine and explore.  Beth Sanders is just such a person.  She is an Urban Planner who I met a few years ago when she was working in Fort McMurray in the planning department of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

She runs her own business called Populus Community Planning Inc. and is a member of the progressive citizen's movement of Reboot Alberta.

She attended a symposium called Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta we at Cambridge Strategies co-sponsored with the ATA, Literacy Alberta and others.  As a "creative note taker, she wrote poems to capture the conversation.

Speaking of creative people, you may want to see if you are a Cultural Creative and therefore likely to be a Progressive too.  Check out the survey link "Are You a Cultural Creative?"   If you are you might want to meet like-minded Albertans at the Reboot Alberta site where you can register to the Taking Action gathering of Rebooters Nov 5-6 in Edmonton

As for Beth, the cultural creative, here is a sample of one of her symposium offerings that I offer to help make your day this crisp and cool Monday morning in our Alberta:

inspiring education

an important day
for inspiring education
listening for resonance
and build the next Alberta
with shock and awe
genuine wealth
and happiness
knowing neighbours
walking to school

in the absence of truth
myth pervades
we need to talk about
conscious  of renaissance
of home
economy, ecology
in genuine well

diversity heals
inner spirit
virtues, values
individual to collective

when I hear the word
I reach for my revolver
to revolt
oh, you do care
about friends, family, children
we’re not bad people
we can look here
to be happy
learning to live


literacy for efficiency, equity,
not without
mismatched skills and jobs
but diverse interventions
for significant work
wrestling shortages
demanding literacy
to entice investment

so how to support, lead
catalyze change
continually improving complex systems
observe the time
for opening
taking, making
holding space

until then
an unusual choice for
a whole province
to aim quite high
transforming, designing, researching

commitment to
excellence, equity, value
add – ing
what is, to
what could/should be
resilience designed with talking, listening
for action

If Beth's poem resonates with you and if you want a progressive political culture in the Next Alberta register now for RebootAlberta 3.0 at