Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ken Robinson is Coming to Alberta

Sir Ken Robinson is a gift to consciousness about culture, education and creativity.  He has humour and humanity as a gift to his audience.  You need to watch this and watch for when he comes to Alberta and be there.

He is one of the most influential minds of our times...and times are a changin'

If you want a progressive political culture in the Next Alberta register now for RebootAlberta 3.0 at


  1. Sir Ken Robinson is an engaging speaker! My pet koala bear gives him four thumbs up! (I just need to get a koala.)

  2. Sir Ken will be in Red Deer on February 9th and 10th 2011! Proudly brought to you by the Red Deer Catholic and Red Deer Public ATA Locals...CATCA, and of course, the ATA itself.

  3. I love watching TED videos. I found them about six months ago and have watched little TV since. This one I had not seen.

    Inspiring and yet down to earth. My kind of intellectual.

  4. Bill Hunter10:50 am

    As I sit here in mental hibernation over this last two years; you have to post something like Sir Ken and I am mentally stirring ... nah, waking up!



  5. Good to see you waking up Bill. We need the wisdom and abilities of citizens like you to revitalize our democracy. Giving up as a progressive means giving power to the Tea Party types...and we know they exist in Alberta.


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