Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Linda Duncan Steps Up With a Report on Water and Oil Sands

I have not read this report on the oil sands by Linda Duncan - MP for Edmonton Strathcona yet...but I will soon.

I disagree with Linda politically on a few issues and agree with her on many others.  We both share a passion for good music and Leonard Cohen in particular went together to his concert in Edmonton earlier this year.  Full disclosure of my bias and friendship with Linda.

One thing for sure you cannot question Linda's integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency when it comes to her application of her environmental expertise.  Based on that I suggest every Albertan, as an individual owner of the oil sands read her report.  Reflect on the implications and come to your own conclusion as to the implications for the responsible development of our resource.

Here is the link and I look forward to a full and open discussion on the content on this blog.

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