Sunday, September 26, 2010

The "Slow Hunch" Process to Innovation

Here is a quick (4 min) engaging video by Steven Johnson that provides a summary of some thoughts on how creativity and innovation happens in an incubated format.  Hunches need to bump into each other to become new ideas or innovation breakthroughs.  The increased connectivity of the Internet - networked world provides unprecedented opportunity to combine and borrow ideas from each other.

Progressives have lots of hunches but do not have a disciplined space to take chances and share our hunches and ideas so the synergy does not happen as much as it could.  This is an inspiration for me as to what RebootAlberta could become-that place for hunches and ideas to bump into each other.

Progressive live in their heads and need a place where their creative progressive thought engage with others in face-to-face and connected spaces to share hunches. I am thinking long term to convert Reboot Alberta into a space and place for Alberta progressives to come and share, learn, create and engage in defining and designing the Alberta Aspiration - something much more vibrant than the low tax mindset of the Alberta Advantage.

BTW Johnson has a wonderful closing comment that resonates with me "Chance favours the connected mind."  That is a mantra worth living in this day and age.

Thanks to Mark Holmgren for the link

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