Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Have School Board Trustees

Kim Bater is the Chair of the Canadian Rockies School District and an innovator and leader in innovative public education governance in Alberta.   The Inspiring Hearts and Minds project of this Board is a breath of fresh air.  It is ahead of its time and will prove to be a model for other school boards to consider and adapt as they move towards a more modern, effective accountable and transparent governance structures.

Kim is running for re-election and has posted a helpful blog on why we need school board trustees.  I recommend you read it.

New generative governance is an concept envisioned by the Inspiring Action on Education process instigated and developed by Dave Hancock Alberta's Minister of Education.  This re-visioning process for public education in Alberta also sees more public engagement and awareness of the role of citizens in setting the goals and means to achieve them in an even more vibrant, inclusive, effective and responsible public education system in Alberta.

Alberta is recognized as the second best public education system in the world, just behind Finland.  Alberta and Finland are working together at the teacher levels and increasingly at political and administrative levels.  Kim Bater is part of this collaborative effort with Finland and the OECD and has taken the Inspiring Hearts and Minds to Europe to show what is being done in his district at the school board level.

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