Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is Harper Avoiding the Media?

I picked up this link this morning on Twitter via @BrianMCarroll from the Nanaimo Daily News.  It shows that our totalitarian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in image control but not into communicating with least not through the conventional media.

I am on the PMO distribution list of what Harper is doing and the activities are mere message massage and manipulation.  I can't understand why cash strapped and staff starved MSM even bother to cover these circuses of events where photos are allowed but journalists questions are not allowed or severely limited.

It is becoming more obvious that our democracy is in decline and the personal ambitions of Prime Minister Harper are pleased and promoting that demise.  Canadians have to wake up and smell the political rot - and it is not just in Ottawa.

Many of our political parties and leaders have forfeited the benefit of the doubt from citizens that they are acting in our best interests.  The uncertainty amongst citizens it there but individually they seem to be afraid of the consequences of taking back political power into the hands of the electorate and not the elites in political parties or back rooms.

Giving up on democracy is not an option.  Showing up, speaking out and insisting on accountability, integrity, honesty and transparency from those who seek our consent to govern us is the only option.  If you are better off today than 4 years ago I can understand a contentment to the status quo...but not many of us are as well off.

The fear uncertainty and doubt we are feeling about the future can best be fixed by citizens taking action.  We need to change the political power structure, who is in political power and how we select those to whom we grant political power.  If you are not content with the status quo and the infighting between left and right politics you can re-engage in a progressive approach to democracy through Reboot Alberta   Join us and start making a difference in the future of Alberta and even Canada.

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