Sunday, October 17, 2010

ARTES Releases Edmonton Public School Candidates Report Card

ARTES is another progressive citizens movement in the spirit of Reboot Alberta but focused on the Edmonton Public School Board elections. They have published a "report card" on various candidates that may help you get some focus on what questions you need to ask yourself as you pick a candidate on October 18.

They have published their methodology to arrive at these ratings and comments on candidates too.   The criteria they used to assess candidates are interesting too:

  • Ability (competence, experience, professionalism)
  • Independence (courage, open to new ideas, does not rubber-stamp, questions assumptions)
  • Accountability (honest, trustworthy, transparent, understands board governance)
  • Responsiveness (communication, listens to and represents public, supports disadvantaged groups)
  • Vision (leadership, co-operation, passion)
I like this list of qualities used to assess candidates.  It aligns well with the values we found in a Reboot Alberta survey of Albertan's values in politics and policy making, namely integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, fiscal and personal responsibility.  Ver much aligned with the values criteria used by ARTES in their report card. 
With the Edmonton municipal elections getting most of the media attention it is easy to overlook the critically important concurrent election of school boards.  There is a significant increase in the number of candidates running for school boards all over the province and fewer acclaimed candidates.  This is good news for progressive politics and a healthy democracy in Alberta.  

Do not forget to mark you ballots for your local school board elections all over Alberta on Monday.  This is a critical voting opportunity too.

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