Monday, October 04, 2010

Don't Vote!

There is a link at the end of this post to an American video made for the 2008 election.  However the sentiment is very applicable to the Alberta local, provincial and national elections.  It makes the point that not voting is stupid...uninformed voting may be even dumber.  However, it is no longer acceptable for uninformed apathetic citizens to stay that way and give up on their citizenship responsibility to support democracy and cast an informed ballot for the candidate(s) of their choice.

So we are 2 weeks away from civic and school board elections all over Alberta.  You have 2 weeks to check out the candidates and see which one comes the closest to reflecting your values.  You have to consider which ones are wise enough to govern not just slick or rich enough to run.  You have to decide who is worthy of your trust to govern you and to make the hard far reaching decisions that will impact your life and your family.

No candidate will be a perfect fit - that is life.  But that does not mean you can't support the closest fit to your values and issues and priorities.  You just have to take the time to find that candidate and with the Internet it is easy.  Google them.  If they don't show up on Google you may want to consider if they are even serious enough about the job of being a politician if they are not even with it enough to be using digital media to reach out to connect with citizens.

There are the values our research shows that Albertans want their politicians to use when making decisions.  I strongly suggest you put every candidate for municipal government or school board in your community to these values tests.  Do they have integrity?  Are they honest?  Do you believe they will be accountable and transparent?  Do you believe they will be fiscally responsible and expect you to take personal responsibility too - like being an informed voter!!!

Now take 4:45 minutes and watch this video and forgive the fact it is American.  If that offends you then make your own Alberta version and send it to me. I will be sure it gets an audience.

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