Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Premier's Awards for Alberta Public Service

The 2010 Premier's Award of Excellence are now out.   These are the Alberta Public Service employee awards for "outstanding achievement in business excellence and service delivery to Albertan."  There are Gold, Silver and Bronze levels

These are a great form of recognition by the Premier. I actually won one of these awards even though I never worked as a public servant.  I am very proud to wear the Gold level pin.  I was one of the external people bought in to help design and execute the Future Summit back in the day.  The folks who ran that terrific project were generous enough to include me and another external consultant in their team to receive the award.

Ironically I was an external consultant on the Domestic Violence and Bullying project a few years back.  It was  dealing with male perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.  It was a tense situation and a delicate role to play.  I think I was the only male in the front lines of this very important project.  It was the inspiration of the Minister of the day Iris Evans and Colleen Klein, the wife of former Premier Ralph Klein.  It also won the Gold level that year.  A different attitude by the internal administrative powers in place then actually excluded external people from participating in the Award of Excellence recognition. This had nothing to do with the Minister of Colleen Klein - just a small minded senior bureaucrat at the time.

I was proud to be associated with a great team of dedicated civil servants who worked on the ground in these projects and exemplified the essence of "business excellence and service delivery to Albertans" in both projects.

So my congratulations go out to this years Premier's Award of Excellence recipients. Thank you for your great work and service to the people of Alberta.  I for one really appreciate it.

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