Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big Business to Push Harper for a National Energy Plan

Looking forward to reading the report from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives tomorrow on a call for a national energy policy.  It is proof again that the Harper dithering and dallying on setting CO2 and other climate change standards allegedly waiting for the US to set their standards first is a political policy that is  bad for business.  Harper can't be very happy with this development.  he may have to make a real decision on climate change...something he does not believe in.,

Here is the key point from the Council “The private sector is ready and willing to do its part, but our industries need a road map that provides clarity and predictability so that they are able to contribute innovative and lasting solutions,”

The irony of Harper being asked to set a National Energy Policy (NEP) by business is too sweet for those of us who know how badly Harper has misrepresented the former National Energy Policy in Alberta for decades.  The fact is NEP was never applied but boy does it get trotted out in ways to misinform Albertan and to vilify the federal Liberals whenever Harper and his henchmen get a chance.  What killed energy prices was not the NEP.  President Reagan beat it to the punch by releasing the US strategic energy reserves and that kicked the crap out of oil prices.

Harper has lost his nerve. Almost every day we see him he is forfeiting his political principles for personal power expediency (something he promised never to do).  He is losing the confidence of his best and brightest MPs (maybe 5 in all) and Cabinet members. (only one left now that Prentice quit Harper)  The man is morally shallow and philosophically narrow on any question of policy substance that might better serve the needs of the country.  Serving the greater good is not why Harper is in politics.  He is in politics, for one purpose, to crush the opposition by any means he can to confirm and continue his personal power over anything or anyone who stands in his way. That may be the Liberals or those in his own party and government how have real integrity and a hope to serve their constituents first - not just Harper..  He just likes to play hardball hateful politics in the intimidating and bullying Cheney - Rumsfeld methodology of the Bush White House.

It will be interesting how Harper will forfeit the trust and respect of big business.  This will happen over his inevitable reluctance to be clear and capable to respond to their demands for climate change certainty in Canada, and not use the US as an excuse for foot-dragging, denial and more master-minding  more misleading messaging based on Harper's faith, but not supported by and scientific evidence.

Harper is melting politically - not as quickly as the Nazis in Raider of the Lost Arc - but he is melting just like them nevertheless.  Get ready for a spring election likely based on a bunch of assumptions that will basically be lies in the Harper budget. We need a new leader for we can trust and respect with personal integrity and honestly we can rely on.


  1. Thanks for showing me that I am not alone in my condemnation of Harper and his shallow view of the electorate. Sadly, he has manipulated the political situation such that there is only one home for anyone with right of center sensibilities, vilified all his opponents and remains with a solid ~30% that has nowhere else to go - perfect in a First Past The Post electroal system.

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    The climate change hoax is coming to an end.

    Once again I encourage everyone to review the abundance of peer reviewed science that completely debunks the global warming hypothesis. Start with Richard Lindzen. Go google him. There is plenty more information for anyone who cares to educate themselves. No need to provide links.

    Politicians are just posturing now and are actually looking for ways to unwind their global warming positions.

    Stay tuned...


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