Friday, November 26, 2010

Raj Sherman's Speech on the New Health Act in Alberta

OK gentle is Friday - a lovely day and just before Edmonton hosting the Grey Cup this weekend.  Grab a sandwich and eat lunch at your desk and read Raj Sherman's opening speech in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on the New Alberta Health Act.

There is a whisper campaign going on over Raj's emotional well-being.  This is pure Nixonian, Dubya Bush and even Stephen Harper style of dirty politics.  Read this speech and even others and judge for your self about the ability, commitment and capability of Dr. Raj Sherman to make a difference.  He is now a single voice of reason, care and compassion.  He is speaking for all of us who are disappointed and despairing over abusive politics and  poor governance in our province.

Here is a link but go to page 1481 to start.  Make sure you have the facts as outlined by Dr. Sherman and then be sure to talk about the facts to your family, friends, neighbours and fellow workers.

BTW vote on my blog poll on who you think is to blame for Alberta's crisis in health care?  Rude Ronnie Liepert is seen and the major reason followed by Ed Stelmach so far.  Dr. Duckett is not the culprit even though he was the wrong guy for the job...but you can blame Liepert for that lack of judgement