Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update on the Harper Induced Democratic Deficit

I did a post last week asking Albertans if they have had enough of Stephen Harper yet.  If the content of that post did not convince you this rant by Rick Mercer should help.  Canadians as well as Albertans know it is  time for an election and that we have to remove our Not So Prime Minister and his Sheeple from power over us.

The Harper Conservatives now control the Senate due to his hypocritical stance about Senate reform.  He used to say it should be Triple E: elected, equal and effective.  He has personally appointed more Senators than any other Prime Minister in history. So much for the integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability of Prime Minister Harper.

Since he can't control the destruction of democracy in the elected House of Commons as he centralizes more and more political power in himself, he is now doing it in the Senate.  That is where his personal appointed political friends are killing laws duly passed by those WE DULY ELECTED TO GOVERN US.  The Harper Senate appointees have a majority now and they are killing those duly passed laws without a word of debate.  Political power is now in the hand of Harper's appointed cronies.  This can't continue if our representative democracy is to survive.