Monday, November 29, 2010

Visit for a Wealth of Political Insight & Incite

It is great to see Duncan Wojtaszekback into political blogging, returning from a self-induced exile.  A visit to his new site is a rigorous and thorough approach to "what ifs" based on a recent poll and the re-jigged constituency boundaries coming soon in Alberta.

His commentary and analysis of Edmonton Rutherford (Fred Horne) and Edmonton Meadowlark (Raj Sherman) is timely and telling.   Of course these are predictions based on assumption in a hypothetical election that is not now happening.  But what is interesting is the electoral implications of shifting public opinion.

Here is another post "Trying to Predict What Would Happen in Calgary"  all of which points to the growing volatility in the Alberta political landscape...but without any consideration yet of the potential impact of the emerging Alberta Party.  That will no doubt be part of future commentaries.

There is lots more from the imaginative mind of Duncan Wojtaszek...and I anticipate a lot more to come. Welcome back to blogging.  We have missed you.

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  1. Robin in the mountains9:55 pm

    You have a poll on who's to blame for the Alberta Health Care crisis. You didn't give the thinking person all the choices. Why wasn't Ralph on the list????? Mr. we didn't have a plan!!!!! Lets blow up a major hospital before there is capacity for a city that is growing (exploding) in population. Lets put millions into one hospital and then sell it to private interests for a fraction of that investment. Lets cut back, during a period of major growth, the number of medical students and nurses in our universities. I wonder where my vote would go on this poll???? Dr. Raj Sherman I applaud you sir!! You are a breath of fresh air in a very stale environment, that is killing people for political expediency and power.


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