Friday, January 28, 2011

Alberta Party Makes it Into the Economist

For a party that has just an Acting Leader and no leader, a policy that is a work in progress, no candidates and one sitting MLA for less than a week, to be seen as a political force by the Economist magazine, is high praise indeed.

It is reason for hope amongst those of use deeply committed to this centrist, moderate, inclusive, creative and energized progressive citizens movement.  We ere becoming a political force to be reckoned with in the changing  landscape of Alberta political culture.

Stay tuned to the growth and rise of the Alberta Party.  I am working hard to recruit Glenn Taylor to lead us.  We are making great progress in his due diligence to finally decide to take on this challenge.  As a newly elected Mayor of Hinton just into his third term, one of the key considerations he has to deal with is the expectations and obligations to the citizen of his community. Here is a link to and editorial and a story in the Hinton Voice on his possible run at leading the Alberta Party.

There are a few more lose ends.  Once we have the final rules of the leadership process from the Provincial Board, Glenn can make his final decision.  Those rules will be settled on February 5 so look for the final decision if Glenn Taylor will run or not shortly afterwards.