Monday, January 17, 2011

Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson & Co-Creating the Next Alberta

Here is a link to pointed and informative video by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity in the STEM subjects-science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Sir Ken is in Red Deer on February 9th and I will be there with some guests who will no doubt report on their reactions to his lecture on his new book The Element.  The event is sold out with 700 people coming from all over Alberta. You can see interest is great and a new organization called Creative Alberta is forming.  .

There is another public lecture and conversation featuring Michael Adams author and pollster in Edmonton at the Sutton Place Hotel in the evening of March 17, 2011.  His latest book is on the values and  attitudes of Baby Boomers in this stage of their lives called  Stayin' Alive: How Canadian Baby Boomers Will Work, Play, and Find Meaning In the Second Half of Their Adult Lives

We will also have Jean Twenge. Professor of Psychology from San Diego State University speaking at the same public lecture speaking on themes of her new book the "Narcissism Epidemic, Living in the Age of Entitlement."

All event of this is part of the Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta project I am involved with in partnership with the Alberta Teachers' Association.  Check out more on this exciting initiative about the emerging roles, relationships and responsibilities of public education in Alberta at 

You can get tickets for the Michael Adam / Jean Twenge lecture on line very soon at WWW.LEARNINGOURWAY.CA  Visit the site often to be part of the conversation about what Aspiring Albertans can do to co-create the Next Alberta.

Follow what is happening on Twitter at #creativealberta and #abfuture