Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glenn Taylor on Doing Politics Differently

Glenn Taylor the Mayor of Hinton has written an interesting blog post posing questions to Albertans about doing politics differently.  This is not easy stuff to do but he sees an opportunity and a challenge to those ends.

He says (in part) "The resignation of Premier Stelmach along with the rise of the Alliance has opened up the door for a new discussion to take place, let us not allow the governance of Alberta to be defined by the politics of division, the politics of power, the politics of the past.."

I am a big fan of Glenn Taylor.  I have worked with him in the past on a number of projects in Hinton and the Grande Alberta Economic Region.  I am encouraging him to run for the leadership of the Alberta Party as well.

I think it was Preston Manning who said a couple of years ago that it is likely we don't yet know the name of the next Premier of Alberta.  I am thinking Glenn Taylor is that name and the Alberta Party is the way forward to make that happen.

I will be doing a blog post on why I support Glenn Taylor and the Alberta Party over the week end for posting on Monday.