Friday, January 28, 2011

Have Faith in Ted - He's a Healer!

First I applaud Ted Morton for stepping down from Cabinet and announcing his candidacy for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.  Premier Stelmach did the same thing in 2006.  At least they agreed on that approach to campaigning. for the leadership.

Interesting that Dr. Morton is calling on Wildrose Alliance types to return to the true Conservative "Mothership," the PC Party under his rule - or thumb - depending on your preferred metaphor.  Mr. Morton insists the unite the right must be done to avoid vote splitting and the moderates making problems for them by coming up the middle.

I expect the progressives in the PC party will have trouble finding a candidate they can believe in to run in this leadership race.  It is not Alison Redford although she has the inside track if you listen to the chattering class.  Her resume reads like a social democrat but her approach to governing is very much a command and control old fashioned law and order agenda.

With no progressive force in the leadership race Dr. Morton will win and purge the Red Tories out of the party like Harper has done federally.  The governing philosophy of the Smith Alliance or the Morton Conservatives will be a combination Calgary School and Fraser Institute with minor variations depending who rules the Republic of Alberta.

Here is an interesting Calgary Herald video clip of the Dr. Morton Cabinet resignation announcement with comments from Smith of the Alliance and Mason of the NDP.  Form your own conclusions.