Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ted Morton Out to Unite the Right in Alberta

Here is an excellent piece by Josh Wingrove of the Globe and Mail outlining the history of Dr. Ted Morton and the reasons for his push to Unite the Right and bring the Wildrose Alliance back to the PC fold.  It looks like Dr. Morton has lost a lot of his base from the 2006 Leadership contest to the Alliance.

For Dr. Morton not all is lost.  He should be a favourite of the fundamentalist social conservatives in Alberta and be able to woo them back to his leadership.  They have all been very silent since they lost the Wildrose Alliance leadership.  They have a new champion in Dr. Morton as this Globe piece reminds us.  His has strong and strident social conservative beliefs and those who share those values seem to be lost right now. Will Dr. Morton be their man?  Remember when he wins the PC leadership he automatically becomes Premier.  He can do a lot of damage or a lot of good - depending on your values and point of view - before he has to face the Alberta electorate.

Just another part of the political culture war that is unfolding on the far right these days.  These values only become mainstream when moderates and progressives let them by staying passive about the politics of our time.