Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Should Raj Sherman Do-AN UPDATE

When I did my analysis of the next steps for Dr Raj Sherman I discounted leaving politics to return to medicine as an option because Raj himself said he was going to run in the next election.

However I did not anticipate the imagination and creativity of Sharon McLean the publisher and owner of the recently discontinued free newspaper The Edmontonian.  She has recruited Raj to talk about medicine and health care on line in an Internet television like site called Well and Wise OnLine.

Here is a link to the introductory video.  Have to say Raj is a natural in this role. He will no doubt be professional, informative and even a bit entertaining  in this endeavour.

Full disclosure - I have written a few articles for Sharon's The Edmontonian from time to time but I have nothing to do with this new venture.  I do wish her the best of luck though as she pursues this project.