Friday, February 11, 2011

Albertan's Have to Take Back Control of Their Democracy

There is a great deal of defensiveness from some Alberta government-side politicians who are feeling at-risk these days with the new volatility in the Alberta political culture.  That defensiveness is being expressed in public meetings by some - not all - PC MLAs lashing out at citizens and accusing advocates of being liars.  Not good.

Danielle Klooster has done a very engaging blog post around such an experience that I recommend you read and reflect on.  (H/T to for the link)

There is an increasing level of anxiety and angst reflected in what amounts to casual corruption through acts of intimidation and bullying of employees, agencies, boards and commissions by political people in "our" government.  that behaviour includes politicians actually calling staff people directly making vague threats and innuendos clearly embedded in the kinds of questions they ask.

It is very difficult to bring truth to power when power has its own agenda.  It is even more difficult to bring truth when that agenda is abusive of those who are vulnerable and pushed to compliance for personal survival.

We know that Albertans see Integrity and Accountability as the most important values in their politicians.  We also know we don't have enough of it in our current political culture.  An election is coming up.  That is a time of citizen's making choices and sending messages.  Silence and cynicism is no longer an option if you value your democracy and want to have your say.

Compliance in the face of bullying is not an option if you want respect from the politicians who are supposedly working you.  Complacency is not an option if you want self respect.  Citizenship is about leadership and in a democracy that leadership starts by looking yourself in the mirror and staking a stand.

It's time for Albertans to take back control of our democracy by engaging.  It is time to empower and embrace alternatives to the status quo.  It is time to delete those from political power who are inept, abusive and believe they are above accountability to the public.  It's time for Albertans to start thinking for a change in government and about a change in governance.