Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Alberta Party Picking Up Momentum - Just Like Alberta

There is so much going on politically these days - if you are paying attention.  The Alberta Party is about the busiest with all the action and events going on as we get organized on policy, leadership campaigns, constituency origination and organization, fund raising, potential candidate conversations and meeting fellow Albertans who are yearning for democracy and real change.

We have constituencies to organize and areat an amazing pace.  West Yellowhead was the latest to organize last night and is the home constituency for Glenn Taylor, my choice for Alberta Party Leader.  My constituency is Edmonton Glenora.  Here is a link to an online e-zine run by the Journalism students at Grant MacEwan University.    It will give you some background on what I see happening in the Alberta Party and where we are going.  The mainstream media is now paying serious attention to the Alberta Party even if the pollsters have not yet caught on to this citizen's movement phenomenon.

We have an Alberta Party leadership contest in full flight with three diverse candidates - so far - maybe more by the time the Nomination deadline of April 18 rolls around.  It promises to get interesting leading up to the May 28th Convention in Edmonton when the leader will be voted in.

We are selling memberships like crazy and just broke the 1000 level with momentum picking up every week.   As leadership candidates get organized and going they will attract even more Albertans who really want to see the Alberta Party succeed as we "Do Politics Differently."

Constituencies are hosting local events all over the province to give neighbours a chance to meet local Alberta Party members and leadership candidates in informal conversations.  Check out the action and satisfy your curiosity about the Alberta Party and attend an event in your area of Alberta.

Busy crazy and exciting times.  Also very unnerving times as there is so much uncertainty about what is really happening in Alberta.  The economy is strong but only in sectors like energy. The social pressures of the last boom have not been fixed yet and we are heading into another damaging boom that we are not ready for. Just look at the continuing infrastructure deficit and the remaining unattended pressures on health care, education, on seniors and vulnerable Albertans.

The rich-poor gap in Alberta is getting worse and worse, faster and faster and the middle class is under more and more pressure just to keep up.  This is not a sustainable society, never mind being even aspirationaly optimal. That is not good and there is no indication we have learned lessons from prior booms so we can predict it will get better in the next time.

Many people who are the heart and soul of Albert are becoming very nervous and timorous in the face of such rapid and uncontrolled change. This angst is everywhere outside the power elites, and they seem unaware of the consequences.  Albertans are wondering who they can trust to responsibly manage Alberta's growth.  Last May 45% of us said none of the current political parties and leaders were trusted to to the job right.  Things have become a lot more uncertain since then - even with indications of economic recovery.

The Alberta Advantage was supposed to help the economic tide rise in Alberta.  The indications are in the rising Alberta tide only the yachts go up, the rest of us get swamped and some actually sink in the face of wealth.  Not the way to run a rich province.

So change is in the air and it might be radical - who knows.  The municipal elections all over Alberta last October saw a wide spread and amazing rejection of incumbent politicians.  Some towns threw out entire councils others culled the contented and complacent politicians from their positions.  Could that be a prelude to a citizen's movement to do a house cleaning in the Legislature next election.  I would not be surprised.  Lougheed did it back in the day.  It is time again.  It could happen again.  It would not really surprise anyone except those politicians who are seriously out of touch with the values and aspirations of the real Alberta.