Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vote for The Grizzly Manifesto in the Readers' Choice Awards.

The Readers' Choice Awards is a great prize and serious upside recognition for an Alberta author. The competition this year is between five terrific titles but my preferences is for The Grizzly Manifesto.  I really think Albertans are hungry for this kind of information and narrative.  We can't presume our species is in control and be oblivious to our place in the biosphere - even the carbon cycle.

Jeff Gailus teachers us, implores us and after reading this book, I know it will motivate us to take a more meaningful  look as how humanity is integrated into nature.  We have to do a much better job of being human within nature, not just consumers who are indifferent to our place in the planet.

I strongly recommend you read all the books but you vote for The Grizzly Manifesto.  It is not like an election.  Here you can vote early and often - until the end of May.

Here is the link to vote for the book I am championing.   

As for the rest, you can check them out here - but only after you vote for The Grizzly Manifesto.

Vote a bunch of times between now and May 31 and tell your friends and family to vote for The Grizzly Manifesto - but be sure to buy it and read it too.