Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hancock Should "Get the Nod"

Props to Matt Frehner at the Gateway, the U of A student newspaper. His piece on the St. Albert PC Leadership Forum PC Convention all Steak, No Sizzle” captured much of the “meat” on many of the candidates and what they had at “stake.” For record, I am a big Hancock fan for the next party leader/Premier and am working on his campaign. I agree with Matt's comments that:

“If all of Alberta were to vote for the new Conservative leader, I would guess (or maybe hope) that Hancock would get the nod.”

Unfortunately hoping or guessing is not a reasonable method or strategy to select a new party leader and our next Premier. There is 2 years left on the current mandate and there is no need for any new leader to call a quickie election. For $5 any one 16 years old and an Albertan for 6 month can show up and actually make a difference as to who the next “Premier pro tem” will be.
The outcome of this PC Leadership campaign means we ordinary citizens can actually look at “leasing” and can “test drive” the next Premier for the next 2 years. We can see if we what to continue the relationship at the end of the “lease period” - or turn him back in and elect someone else. It’s a little like having a Premier on probation…they better show up and account for themselves and what they are doing on a regular basis - or the consequences will be conclusive and swift at the next election.

So many serious citizens will simply have to hold their noses and buy a PC membership. Then take some time to educate themselves on the candidates. Then make up their own minds as who best fits their sense of where Alberta ought to be headed and how to get there. Finally they have to show up and vote – even if they feel they are choosing between the best of a bad lot.

In a democracy we always get the kind of government we deserve. It would be a pity if we let any special interest control this leadership outcome because the rest of us “couldn’t be bothered” or we settle for a “passive aggressive approach” as a personal political choice. There is just too much at stake (sic) for progressive citizens not to participate in this leadership-premiership selection process.