Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Media Takes and Forum Updates

Paul McLoughlin from the Alberta Scan newsletter has an interesting take on the September 12th PC Leadership Forum. This audio clip from CBC Radio in Calgary is worth a listen. Paul is one of the more astute political media commentators in my opinion. It is nine minutes long so be forewarned. Hyperactive blog readers may get a bit fidgety being mouse-passive that long. Paul's insights are worth it.

Nicole Martel - one of my favorite Liberals - has been checking out my suspicion about Calgary Mayor Bronconnier's provincial political ambitions. I mentioned this idea in an earlier posting about an Oberg-Bronconnier alliance I think they have formed to undermine Dinning's overwhelming support in Calgary. Nic has apparently uncovered some affirmative rumblings consisting with my suggestion. She may be moving her perception about my Bronconnier proposal from "hypothetical" to "mildly curious." Time will tell.

The mainline and blogosphere media consensus today seems to be that Jim Dinning's performance last night did not justify his reputation as the front runner. Jim has recently said that "positioning" has been media made and is not necessarily justified. The fact remains that Jim is the front runner. A number of opinion polls have place him in the lead but not that far ahead inspite of the last two months of intensive Dinning focused media coverage.

Today's media reporting, pundit and blog chatter confirms Jim's self assessment...and his advice not to presume he is way ahead in this thing. I agree with Jim...he may be way ahead in cash and MLA commitments but this is far from over. He is clearly ahead but not so far that he can't be caught. Campaigns matter and this one has barely started. The "dogs" have all just been shown the rabbit and they are just now starting to run - and we can expect all of them will be picking up speed.