Monday, September 25, 2006

Reality Check for the Norris "Real Plan"

Boy I thought I was being hard on Candidate Norris. Will McBeath's Blog (Noise From the Right) does a point by point “reality check” cum evisceration on Mark’s “Real Plan” policy document. It is worth a read.

Will is a committed Ted Morton guy – right to the bone. He thinks Morton’s ideological brand Republican Conservatives is the way forward for Alberta. I think Ted Morton is the Dick Cheney of Alberta politics.

McBeath is so confident in his view that the rest of us will see the light and go hard right for Dr. Morton that he uses the last federal election results as his proof. Conservatives 28. Liberals 0. Game Set and Match says our man Will. Ted should be a slam dunk.

Alberta PROGRESSIVE Conservatives are not the same as the Stockwell Day brand of Alliance/Reformers cum Republican Conservatives. Let’s look at the last Provincial election for a “Will-like proof.” PROGRESSIVE Conservatives 61. “Real” Conservatives (a.k.a Alliance) 1. Conclusion Ted is dead in the water.

What you are seeing presented by “Noise From the Right” is just that, Noise. But it is clever and tactical “noise” that frames Dr. Morton and a forgone conclusion to be the next Premier of Alberta. It is clever and pure unadulterated rhetorical bunk that is conclusive proof of nothing! You are seeing pure spin and propaganda at work here!

In this leadership selection we are talking about and making choices about the future of our province, its people, its prosperity and the place itself. Are we to be an engaged, nurturing community of fair minded and curious people? Or will we choose to be subject to a strict, disciplined, government that demands we be obedient citizens subject to and under a “greater” power…no not God – but our Republican Conservative Premier - be it Dr. Morton or Dr. Oberg. But I may be just plain wrong about the way the good Doctors would govern. But time will tell, especially if either of them gets to be the chosen one.

I believe in freedoms, particularly freedom of choice, expression and consciousness. I believe the politicians work for me, not the other way around. I vote intentionally and thoughtfully as I grant my consent to be governed. And I will revoke that consent at my will. I will live my life within the law and not be told how to run it by coercion, extortion, intimidation or threats by “the state.” I will keep my freedoms close, hold them dear and protect them aggressively – especially against any arrogant so called “higher” political power or authority.

I am a Progressive Conservative.