Friday, September 29, 2006

To Renew or Not to Renew...How Best to State the Question

I have been asked/invited to "join" the group of bloggers on Renewingtheonepartystate. I am intrigued but have to say I have trouble associating with anonymous bloggers...especially those who have not had much to say recently of any significance . The RTOPS folks have apparently been keen to get back to relevance, as opposed to the current predominant site culture of shallow shots sans substance. Too much of what I have recently read on RTOPS is merely reproducing traditional newspaper stories text with an intro quip at best. What is this lack of content and context, not to mention absence of commentary all about? Laziness? Maybe! Trite and superficial - much too often.

I am not really interested in the actual renewal of the ONE party state. I am keen on relevant, inclusive, diverse, curious, welcoming and engaging authentic political parties - regardless of political ideology. I see most parties today being run by backroom bullies, bullshit artists or wannabe backslappers. The overarching common characteristic of such people is institutional anonymity. They get others to do the overt dirty work while they engineer the action behind the scenes in Oz-like "cover."

That said the more communication and open discourse of informed and engaged opinion that is accessible by real citizens who are keen on contributing significantly to the comon good...I am in. I believe political parties need reforming as much as the old Soviet Bloc did. Walls have to be torn down. They can't continue the way they are and they have to find the means to become relevant and meaningful again. The internet is so citizen accommodating and so capable of serving this purpose. But blogger anonymity suggest they live in fear. Pity them or discount them or join them...that is my question.

RTOPS is has potential to help political parties become people-centred political places again. I just don't understand the need for pseudonyms or the bloggers need to be behind their masks. Blogger bravado that is nothing more than de facto timidity is just a "poulet feces" way to "make a point."'

So - gentle readers, check out RTOPS site. Let me know what you think of this idea. Ought I accept or reject the invite... unconditionally, or conditionally? Is it reasonable to ask the contributors to be obvious and overt about who they are as much as they are obvious and overt about their opinions?

I see a real opportunity here but is it better seen as a "Groucho Marx" opportunity where I ought to decline any "club" that would have me as a member? Let me know your thoughts.