Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Which Way Are We Going?

The plot thickens on the "issues" between myself, the Hancock guy, and William McBeath, the Morton guy, and the speculation about if Albertans will go progressive or conservative in their choice of the new PC leader and "pro tem" Premier.

Duncan Wojtaszek posts an analysis of sweet reason and gives us great insight on this question. His answer? It is could go either way. And he gives a good myth-busting review of history, events and possible trends to show how it could go either way this time.

He invites us to think larger and deeper than the sound bite candidates would wish for us. I think every PC member should read this posting. Take your time. It demands reflection. It is also a wake up call to the the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

In November will we pick a new direction and definition of Alberta? Or will we look for a renewed Lougheed, or a Klein Clone, or a Paul Martin facsimile or a reconditioned Aberhart? If that is all we do I fear we forfeit the future of the province. The new "leader" may well, blow the next election and turn into a Harry Strom and destroy the entire Party as well.

The bottom careful who you elect. Not just now but always.

Thx Duncan.