Saturday, October 21, 2006

Be Careful Who You Elect

President George W. Bush recently signed a Bill called the Military Commissions Act that can (amongst other things) be used to dispense with Habeas Corpus. That is the right to be brought before a judge to determine the lawfulness of one's arrest. This is no longer the legal right in the USA for anyone the American government declares to be a threat under the label of "alien, undocumented immigrant or unlawful enemy combatant."

Free speech is a right of a freedom and democratic society that is oftern taken for granted and even abused on occassion but notwithstanding that it so very important to preserve and protect that right. Watch this video Olbermann to Bush: 'Your Words are Lies that Imperil us All" from MSNBC - not only for its chilling content but as an eloquent example of free speech in action.

Judging by some of the comments in the discussion forums on the Internet over the Militarty Commissions Act, it will not surprise me to start seeing 1960's style protests and marches over civil rights issues in America again. "Dubbya" may just have created his own Viet Nam by signing this Bill.

For any Canadians who may feel quietly smug and superior - don't. You either do not know or have forgotten the part of our history that reflects this kind of leadership and governance in our past. Ask yourself what you would do today if you were Maher Arar.

Considering the power we bestow on politicians when we elect them to positions of leadership or other high office PLEASE, for the sake of our freedoms, make yourself aware about the character of the candidates. Do not just focus on the hype and hyperbole of campaigning. Make your choices carefully and consciously. Your individual freedoms depend on it.