Monday, October 02, 2006

Damnable Activist Judges

Can't you just hear the muttering..."Damnable activist Judges" going about interfering with the "divine right" of certain Conservative Party of Canada candidates, like Rob (Mandala was a Terrorist) Anders. He has been taken to Court in Calgary by a group of his own party members who have alleged he improperly engineered an "acclamation" of his recent constituency nomination. How does this happen in a Party that is serious about governing the entire country? Why hasn't the process been revisited? Surely Anders is confident he can win.......again!

Why is our democracy under such threats by the very people we are electing? We entrust them to make choices for us about how we not only sustain but advance a fair, just, equitable, open, progressive, respectful society. The CPCs seemingly can't even do that within their own ranks. Why should we entrust them to do it for the full spectrum and range of Canadians for the whole country? Prime Minister Harper - please put a stop to this insanity within your own Party!

We definitely and desperately need a better quality of person in political and public life. Where are the citizens with wisdom, compassion and character who are prepared to enter public political life to serve the greater good...not just their friends and their own self interest? Given the general crap they have to take, little wonder we do not see such people coming forward.

We get the government we deserve, but do we deserve this?