Thursday, December 14, 2006

A New Day in Alberta

What a great day for Alberta. I was there at the Legislature with hundreds of other citizens watching the Swearing-In of the 13th Premier of Alberta, Edward Michael Stelmach. The crowd was large, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the land may have been frozen but the hearts were warm.

Ralph was there to graciously hand over the governance of the province. The Lt. Gov was relaxed and regal. Ed was convivial and contained. The pomp and circumstance was obvious but the human side of these men was readily evident as the quips came often and easily from all sources.

In true Edmonton fashion the singing of “O Canada” was lead by Paul Loureau with the audience joining in with gusto and pride akin to last years Oiler playoff run. The crowd was generous with their applause and we felt a sense of being up close and personally connected with the historic moment that was unfolding before us.

Ed, in true servant-leader style, was obviously honoured and humbled but he is also very clearly in charge already. His comments were brief but very clear as to where he wants to take the new Alberta. He has already hit the ground running with yesterday’s release of his agenda and key action items along with the new government structure of 18 Ministries. I liked it all.

The lock down on who is going to be in his Cabinet has been tight and total. Lots of speculation and punditry going on about who is in...but only Ed knows for sure.

It will be Ed Stelmach who will finally decide who he wants and needs to deliver his agenda, action plan and new government structure for Alberta. My sense is tomorrow when we see Premier Ed Stelmach's Cabinet appointments we will enjoy another great day for Alberta.

Congratulation Premier Stelmach. Thanks to Ralph Klein for 14 years of leadership, service and sacrifice.