Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Premier Stelmach Makes His "Moves"

So the speculation and rumours over the Stelmach Cabinet size and its make up is entering fever pitch. The reality that Alberta under Premier Ed Stelmach is about to write a new and different chapter for our future should not be lost.

The new Stelmach government structure has just been released. With 18 Ministries and Four Standing Policy Committees we see can anticipate more discipline and control as well as improved planning as Premier Stelmach moves towards achieving his “New Alberta Agenda.”

The New Alberta Agenda is designed to “govern with integrity, manage growth pressures, improve the quality of life, build a stronger Alberta and provide safe secure communities.” Action item Premier Stelmach has highlighted include increased access to post-secondary education, implementation of a comprehensive workforce strategy, deal with funding needs of municipalities, make progress on the rural development strategy and complete the lad-use framework.

As a first initiative “out of the starting gate” Ed announced his intention to create a housing task force to increase the availability of affordable housing. That is a problem just about everywhere and I expect that Fort McMurray will be particularly pleased to hear this. Good move!

I am looking forward to a reinvigorated and revitalized role for progressive and conservative governance in Alberta under this new leadership.

The next key and critical part of the puzzle will be finding out who will be the people that will make up the new Stelmach Cabinet. That will become known on Friday. The personalities, skills, experiences and characters of those folks will be the most important part of “writing” the new Alberta chapter.

I believe it was Joseph Schumpeter who said: "…the deciding of issues by the electorate is secondary to the election of the men who are to do the deciding." Just another way of saying “be careful who you elect.” In terms of Premier Stelmach, it must be emphasized and adapted to “Be careful who you SELECT.”