Friday, June 08, 2007

Alberta Bill 45 "The Tobacco Reduction Act" to be Introduced June 12

The Order Paper for the Alberta Legislature has a notice in it today about Bill 45 “The Tobacco Reduction Act.” Looks like it will be introduced by Alberta's Minister of Health and WELLNESS, the Honourable Dave Hancock on Tuesday June 12th in the early afternoon. Hooray!!!

The political process is done and the legislative process is about to begin. Now we need the Premier to get behind this Bill and use some of his personal influence to make sure this get passed into law this session. Time is tight but it can be done with political will and all-party co-operation. Both elements are in place but it needs a push from the top becuase time is tight.

The new law is a no-brainer given the overwhelming public support it has received.

Proclamation can wait until Regulations are done. We have to be sure there is enough time over the summer for those businesses who need to adapt to have time to make the necessary arrangements in order to comply with the new law.

To leave this law to languish unfinished over the summer will only cause MLAs and municipal politicians (who are facing an October election) to be pressed and prodded by the hard-core tobacco supporters who think addictions are a good thing, or by the libertarians who think personal choice trumps community health and well being. Passing this Bill this session takes all that diversion off the political agenda...and it is the right thing to do!

Make it happen Premier Stelmach. Make it happen now!