Thursday, June 28, 2007

Disgruntled Alberta Refomers See the Province as the Way to Change Ottawa

Link Byfield made it known 2 weeks ago on the home page of his Citizen’s Centre for Freedom and Democracy that this group was “going political.”

The inspiration appears to be the Firewall letter of 2001 which Links calls the end of the Reform Party Era. He sees the way to reform Ottawa is now in the ands of the provinces and that Alberta is in the best position to pick up the torch or cudgel, depending on how you see it. So they have started a new Reform provincially based political party...the Wildrose Party.

I see Ted Morton’s picture along with Stephen Harper who both signed the infamous Firewall Letter to then Premier Ralph Klein in 2001. This was before these gentlemen were successful in elected politics.

So I expect Link sees the Firewall Letter spirit as a fulcrum and a provincial political party as a lever to get the job done. With so many strong egos and different perspectives on the far right, it is hard to see a way that a coalition will emerge…but a strong man might. Who might that strong man be? Alberta’s SRD Minister Ted Morton and Edmonton City Councilor Mike Nickel are names you hear bandied about for that role.