Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harper Trade Casey for Comuzzi - What is He Thinking?

Bill Casey gets the boot by Harper for voting against the budget in support of his constituency and joltin’ Joe Comuzzi,recently turfed by Dion, joins the Harper Cons because, as he says, he voted for something (like the budget) that benefited his constituency.

Political Parties? We don't need no stinkin' Political Parties.

Senator Anne Cools gets turfed by the Cons as a Senate rep after defecting from the Liberal awhile ago because she also spoke her mind...while in each party Tut Tut Madame appointed Senator! You are to do as you are told and if that means you have to park your principles and your consciousness at the Senate door – so be it - surely you knew that. Tip of the hat to Cowboys for Social Responsibility for reminding us of this escapade.

Political parties are becoming tribal and bad caricatures of the Survivor reality TV series…it seems as though everyone is getting voted off the island one way or another.

By the way Steve…Comuzzi is no Casey…with those player trading skills like that you can always coach the Maple Leafs after the next election.