Thursday, June 14, 2007

Link Byfield's Take on Why Nobody Won the By-elections.

Link Byfield gives a view from the “Right” on the by-elections this week. Observant and interesting as ever he bemoans the fact the far right it right out of it when it comes to getting any kind of political machine together to make any kind of difference.

He skewers those of us who differentiate ourselves a Progressive Conservatives – I think he is wrong but he makes a good argument. I am like Danny Williams who was a guest this week on CBC Radio’s “The House.” He was asked, given his issues with Mr. Harper, if he was going to “tear up his Conservative membership card.” He said words to the effect, “nope – he never had one.” He said he was a Progressive Conservative and not a Conservative AND there was a BIG difference.

Here is a “Link to Link.” Go to Discussion - This Week for his commentary.