Thursday, June 21, 2007

Link Byfield Is Promoting a Reform-Like Party for Alberta

Link Byfield of the Citizens Centre for Democratic Reform is organizing an invitation only meeting in Red Deer this Saturday aimed at forming a provincial political party that would focus on the Alberta Firewall Agenda. That was an idea of isolating Alberta from Canada once supported by Stephen Harper before he became Prime Minister.

At a May 126, 2007 meeting a group of about 50 people “from Tory to separatists” approved a “strongly federalist” political approach noting their take on federalism meant “decentralist.”

Expect an announcement of intent for another political party on the far right to be coming out of this Saturday’s meeting. It will be based on the following approach proposed for Fed-Prov relations for Alberta passed at the May 26th meeting of the group.

“What Alberta most needs done politically”

Whereas, The federal government consistently disregards the spirit and plain intent of the constitution with regard to federal spending, the Senate, and the role of the courts;

Whereas, The systematic, needless and inordinate transfer of wealth from Alberta through federal taxation to other parts of Canada damages all regions alike and erodes national prosperity;

Whereas, The climate change response of our governments will unjustifiably transfer more wealth through carbon credit trading;

Whereas, The Alberta government continues to escalate provincial operating spending well above sustainable levels; and

Whereas, The Alberta government is not adequately addressing any of these difficult problems;

That the Alberta government take all political and constitutional measures necessary to restrict federal spending in non-federal jurisdictions, ensure the Senate represents provinces in Parliament, and enhance judicial respect for provincial rights;

That the Alberta government use all measures necessary to eliminate unjustifiable transfers of wealth from Alberta to the detriment of Canada;
That the Alberta government take immediate steps to limit provincial operating spending to a maximum of 2005/06 provincial operating spending plus inflation plus population growth
That the Alberta government proceed immediately to develop a plan to opt out of the Canada Pension Plan and to create its own Alberta Pension Plan in its place.