Friday, June 01, 2007


The Great Canadian Wish List, a joint project between StudentVote, Facebook and the CBC has been going since Monday afternoon May 28. See my post that day for more details. It is a wonderful idea that has started to take off with 4,651 members and a Discussion Board with 129 topics and The Wall (“Facebook talk”) with 580 posts as I writh this on Friday morning.

The Wishes cover a wide range of topics but it seems to me mostly young people are into this event. That is a good thing but the conversation needs to be broader and more inclusive. This is not a criticism of The Great Canadian Wish List – just an observation of the different cultures that exist between generations.

As a front end baby-boomer I took to television and understood it and had a “relationship” with it much faster than may parents. This generation is having the same difference of understanding and relationship with the Internet. Nothing wrong with that, it just “is what it is!”

So for those who read blogs, and you must read at least this one, here is an easy entry into the new world order of Facebook. Here is the link to my Wish for Canada on her pending 140th Birthday. Give it a read. If you like it, then click “Add Support.” At the end of the day the most popular Wishes will move to the next level of the project and be part of a CBC television program tied to Canada Day.

Take a few minutes this casual Friday and browse some of the other wishes and give them support too. Better yet – join in and contribute your own Wish for Canada.