Friday, June 22, 2007

Name the Alberta Neo-Con Party

Link Byfield’s new Alberta based political party is looking for a name. In an e-mail today Link said:

“Albertans need a viable alternative to the Liberals. If we don't create one, the Liberals will win by default. The Conservatives are collapsing before our eyes, and so is the Alberta Alliance. But what should this new party be called? Eight names have been suggested:

Alberta Progress Party
Alberta Unity Party
Conservative Alternative Party
Freedom Party
New Vision Party of Alberta
New West Party
Right Party
Wildrose Party

Finally, we must prepare to sign up thousands of members this summer, hold a founding convention in the fall, and fight an election next spring. Sound impossible? It would be, except that it has happened repeatedly in Alberta, and can happen again. It just takes the right vision, the right people, and the right plan.”

I am starting to wonder if Link Byfield is a nascent neo-Preston Manning? Meech Lake and the Charlottetown Accord gave the Preston Manning Reform Party the boost it needed to get traction and momentum to do in Mulroney and the federal Progressive Conservative Party.

Has Mr. Harper’s nod to Quebec Nationhood and his buying into the myth of Quebec fiscal inequality revitalized the far right against him now? Is Link Byfield setting Harper up for the same fate as Mulroney?

Hell hath no furry like a Neo-Con scorned.

BTW - what name would you suggest for these folks?