Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Alberta By-election Results

UPDATE DRUMMHELLEER-STETTLER AT 9:51 - with 67 of 71 polls in - PCs with 3896. Liberals move into second with 947 and Socreds in third with 800. Decisive PC victory!
UPDATE CALGARY ELBOW AT 9:50 with 75 of 77 polls in - Liberals 4534, PCs 3793 and Greens still a distant third.
By-election results – unofficial – Drumheller-Stettler – Jack Hayden has little problem retaining this set for Ed Stelmach. With 45 of 71 polls reporting as at 21:23 pm the PC have 2693 votes for 59%. The Social Credit has 526 votes for 12% and the Liberals are in third place with 518 votes for 12%.

In Calgary Elbow is decided but not as decisive a slap to Ed Stelmach as many thought it would be. With 72 of 77 polls in at 21:36 pm the Liberals have 45% of the vote compared to 38% for the PCs each with 4267 and 3589 votes respectively. The Greens (563 votes) came in third beating out the Alliance (431 votes) and the NDP (329 votes).

Turn out seems to be depressingly small in each case.