Thursday, September 27, 2007

Albertans Are Sending Messages on the Royalty Review to the Government

Here is an example of an email I received from a citizen of Alberta who is concerned about the long term future of this province. This is what she sent to the Premier on the Royalty Review Report.

"I applaud the government for reviewing oil and gas royalties. The subject
matter is beyond my realm of understanding of the oil and gas industry.
However, I do believe that there is a need to rebalance the distribution of
wealth generated from oil and gas development. The oil and gas industry
and its allies (i.e. FirstEnergy) responses to the report are predictable and
demonstrate the arrogance and opulence of Calgary's corporate elite.

The resource belongs to Albertans and it is often rural Albertans
(where resources are developed) that bear the brunt of development, and not
necessarily the enormous benefits. I am hopeful the government will
stand-up to the oil and gas industry and implement a royalty structure that is
current and reflects today's marketplace. I am also hopeful, that an
increase in royalties will be invested into the Heritage Trust Fund. I
believe Alberta should follow the lead of jurisdictions such as Alaska and
Norway who have significant investment funds as a result of their oil and gas
development. These funds benefit all residents of the jurisdictions, today
and into the future.

Finally, as a resident of rural Alberta (who does business with corporate Calgary) I am completely unsympathetic to the complaints of corporate Calgary. This small interest group is obviously focused on themselves. They are ignorant and inconsiderate of the
hinterland and its residents who play an enormous part in fueling the economic
engine of this province.

I would argue rural Alberta will support a restructuring of the royalty review and is willing to have its economies and communities slow down if oil and gas investment is dampened."

We need thousand more like her to take up this issue for a fair share of royalties.

Exercise your citizenship rights Alberta. Use it or lose it!