Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogging Tory Dion Allegations Debunked

I promised to post on the allegations of a Blogging Tory on party campaign fund transfers between the Liberal Party of Canada and their leader Stephane Dion in his 2006 election campaign.

The issue has been covered so much better than I would have or could have done by the Blogger A BCer in Toronto."

I commend you to his insight and analysis.

In summary it proves there is no tempest. No teapot and no hand in any cookie jar.

Proving only one thing – the CPC Blogging Tory blog-machine is merely reflecting the anxiety CPC brain trust and obviously nervous enough to make stuff up and then grab ant the manufactured straw to try and change the channel.

Kind of like the political bullying they are perpetrating on Elections Canada officials and the phony veil threats.