Saturday, September 22, 2007

Claims of Oil Royalty Review Causing Market Meltdown is Bogus

Another update on oil patch stock market fear mongering from the Hunter Royalty Review Report is in order. The Royalty Review Report came out on Tuesday and the next day business press was rife with quotes and claims of a draconian disaster and a “tumbling” market for the energy sector

Yes there was a dip in some stock prices reported for companies like CNRL and Suncor. Well by Friday, in the face of a $.51 cent drop in oil prices the G&M reports that CNRL and Suncor were ranked #3 and #4 in the Market Lifter Index. The TSX was up 101.64 points on Friday and these two companies were jointly responsible for about 16 of those points.

As for CNRL –it shed 5.9% of stock value on Wednesday and on Friday the stock was up $1.64. Meaning it had recovered all but 1.5% of that pre-Royalty Review Report value decline in only two trading days and it is trading at $76.84 - only $3.14 off its 52 week high.

Some melt down.