Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Link Byfield Wants to Debate the Alberta Royalty Report With Me

Link Byfield called me yesterday with an interesting proposition. He wanted me to attend the Wildrose Party shindig at the Pioneers Cabin and to debate the Alberta Royalty Review Report with him. I was very interested but said if I participated I wanted it to be made very clear I am in no way supported the ideology of the Wildrose Party. I am a proud – if not seriously frustrated - Alberta Progressive Conservative Party member.

Yes to satisfy the need for full disclosure and to pacify my friends on the far right disclosure I am a Red Troy. I can’t stomach the Harper Cons and I have voted Liberal federally. I liked Anne McLellan as my MP and have a lot a time for Dion as well. I even joined the Liberal Party to help his leadership campaign.

In a debate with Link I would clearly be pro-report and he would have taken the side of doom and gloom and industry is always good - government is bad. I was keen to take the challenge but had a dinner meeting with clients from out of town last night so the scheduling did not work out.

Based on the Blogosphere and MSM reports this morning I imagine I would have had great time in such a debate. Thanks for the invitation Link – maybe some other time with a bit more advance notice.