Thursday, September 13, 2007

More "Veiled Threats" From the Far Right.

As an update on a couple of past posts I want to refer you to some MSM columnists who have writing pieces that I think are worthy of attention and praise.

Further to my post of September 11 on the Prime Minister and Cons veiled threats (yes bullying) of the Elections Canada CEO over him doing his job you will want to read the Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons today. She does a terrific job of putting some more perspective on this shabby bit of politics.

Next, an update of my post of September 10 we have a very revealing column by the Edmonton Journal's Graham Thomson on the efforts of the far right candidate Craig Candler’s and his tactics to win the PROGRESSIVE Conservative nomination in Calgary Egmont.

This gentleman needs to visit the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta website and read the Party's Statement of Principles. Then he needs to think about if his values and beliefs align sufficiently with those principles for him to be an appropriate PC candidate.

Scary stuff and it is important that we citizens become more aware of and involved in. Cynicism and indifference to politics is a luxury we citizens can not longer afford.


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    If PC members don't like Candler, then they can vote for someone else. Quit saying that he does not belong in the party - if PCs within the riding vote for him, then he does belong within the party. Or do you not have a democratic bone in your body? Maybe you don't belong within the PC Party if you don't respect the wishes of the constituents of that riding.

    For the record, I don't even know who chandler is - but I do know that I will respect the wishes of the PC members within that riding. This is NOT the Liberal Party of Canada where the leader actually appoints candidates.

  2. Anon @ 1:01 - your point is well taken - if he wins the nomination in Calgary Egmont fair and square -he should be the candidate.

    I just think he will find it frustrating trying to impose a far right socially conservative agenda in a progressive conservative party.