Sunday, September 30, 2007

Neil Waugh and I Agree on EnCana's Bullying Over Royalties

Neil Waugh of the Edmonton Sun and I are agreeing again. This time we agree on the very inappropriate and bullying intimidation tactics of Encana on the “Out Fair Share” Royalty Review Report. Blaming a proposed 8% increase in royalties from 25% to 33% and based on net profits only. That means Encana shares with Albertans as owners of the resource after ALL capital and operating cost are deducted. And the 8% increase is being touted by Encana as the stated reason to pull back on $1B of capital investment in Alberta! That is ludicrous. See my post on Saturday the 29th to get a sense of just how well Encana is doing.

Stelmach said he would not be intimidated by Big Oil. Encana should have listened.

This is twice Neil and I are on the same page in less than a month this has happened.
I must check tonight to see if it is a blue moon. Something strange is happening…like maybe power is shifting back to the citizens of Alberta. Both Neil and I obviously see that as a good thing. I am sure we are not alone. It is our oil and we deserve a fair share.

The Stelmach government is our trustee to get this done for all Albertans now, and in the future.