Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Pembina Institute Website Has a Royalty Tracker

The Pembina Institute has a Royalty Reform Tracker on their website. It tracks how much royalties Albertans would have earned if the Alberta Government had accepted the Review Panel Recommendations when presented.

That is unrealistic because the need time to review the review and be sure they understand all the implications of the recommendations...including the political ramifications after all.

Check out what not accepting the Review Panel recommendations is costing you in continuing forgone royalty payments. ths link is Albertans' Fair Share Minimizing Environmental Impacts of Oil Sands Development in Canada The Pembina Institute

The fact the Royalty Review Report was made public at the same time the government received it is a step towards more open democracy for sure. Usually these report go on the shelf or into the back rooms for "discussion."

So far this has been a pretty open process. We shall see how the Minister of Justice and Attorney General handles his "industry liaison role" in the "further consultation" they are engaged in. I know and trust Ron Stevens to be totally open, transparent and accountable in all his discussion with industry pending a government decision on recommendations.

Albertans will be wondering and watching.